How It All Started

The Dog Trainer’s Assistant was founded by Beth after she met trainer after trainer who needed help… but not quite badly enough to justify hiring an employee. She wanted to give those trainers the opportunity to grow their business and free up their time without the risk of hiring too soon, or without the need to hire an employee at all if that wasn’t the route they wanted to go. Seeing other positive based trainers thrive brings her immense happiness, and now she gets to see it every day!

Mission Statement

The Dog Trainer’s Assistant has one mission: to make YOUR life better by giving you your time back. It doesn’t matter if you want more time to see more clients (and make more money), or more time to take your dog hiking, The Dog Trainer’s Assistant will help you get that time back.

More About Beth

Education & Experience

Beth is a CPD-KA and has been since 2015, she also holds a BS in Animal Sciences. She has worked in the animal industry since she got her first job cleaning kennels for a local dog boarding center when she was in high school. As a trainer, she regularly attends both in person and online conferences, such as Clicker Expo and the Lemonade Conference.

What else has Beth done?

  • Worked as an Animal Control Officer specializing in cruelty and hoarding cases
  • Worked as a Veterinary Assistant
  • Managed the mouse colony for research at a small university
  • Volunteered with SAR for many years
  • Volunteered for service dog organizations
  • Internship with marine life where she assisted with cooperative care training

Training Style

Beth considers herself a reinforcement based trainer and does not use physical corrections with her training. Because of this, The Dog Trainer’s Assistant would be a great fit for other positive reinforcement based businesses.

If you’re unsure if you and Beth will be a good fit, schedule a free discovery call so you can chat more about The Dog Trainer’s Assistant and what she has to offer.



When not helping other trainers thrive in their businesses, you can find Beth involved with a number of hobbies. Like most dog people, she likes to play ALL THE THINGS with her own dog, and also judges for NASDA.

When not doing dog things, Beth can be found hiking, running, or paddle boarding. She is lucky to live in the mountains, so there is no shortage of outdoor adventures.

If she’s home, you’ll find Beth curled up with a cup of tea ad a good book. She has an extensive tea collection and always has something good in her cup.

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