Client Communications

Emails, phone calls, and texts, oh my! Let someone else handle client communications so you can start spending less time in the office and more time out with clients.

Scheduling Assistance

How many hours do you spend trying to get clients scheduled and onto your calendar? Or maybe the better question is how many hours do you spend knowing you need to schedule clients but you just dont have the time or energy? With The Dof Trainer’s Assistant you can say goodbye to the worry, and hello to more free time to do what you love.

Social Media Assistance

Are you tired of trying to post regulalry on your social media accounts? Let The Dog Trainers Assistant do that for you and stop spending extra time worrying and more time doing what you love.

How Does Having a VA Work?

The Dog Trainers Assistant is able to help you get more time back by doing those tedious “admin” tasks that are part of running a business. Hiring The Dog Trainers Assistant is like signing up for a membership. All new clients start with a 2 month intial period, and after that will be enrolled in monthly retainer. 

How Do Monthly Packages Work?

Monthly packages allow you to retain a set number of hours each month. This ensures Beth will have time in her schedule to focus on your business, so you can focus on other things! These hours will be billed monthly and while they do not roll over, if you have not used all your hours with the tasks you’ve assigned, you can use those hours for other tasks.

Can I  Get Help for A Specific Project?

While most clients are long term clients on a monthly program, you CAN hire The Dog Trainer’s Assistant for a single month or single project. These one time projects are dependent on avaialbleity. Email Beth to find out if she’s right for your project.


Every business is different. Thats why The Dog Trainer’s Assistant offers a variety of customaizeable monthly packages. If you don’t see what your looking for send me an email for customized options!


The small package gives trainers 10 hours a month of virtual assistance. This package is best for the trainer who finds themselves with just a little too much to do and not quite enough time to do it.


The medium package gives your business 15 hours a month of virtual assistance. Perfect for the growing business that could benefit from offloading multiple tasks per week.




This package is for the large or growing business who just has more work than they can handle. Starting at 20 hours a month, this package is customizable with the most benefits for adding extra hours



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